The 630 CFCY Hoedown
with Gord Christie
Saturday Nights 6-9pm

The 630 CFCY Hoedown began in 1958 with Loman Macaulay and Ches Cooper sharing the duties.
Whit Carter did the show from 58-67 From 1967-1973 co-hosting the show was shared between Jim Simpson, John Brehaut and Ray Simmons.

1974-2005 Jp Gaudet. JP has hosted approximately 1300 shows, most of which were shared with Kevin Lewis. The pair retired from the Hoedown in May 2005. Current hoedown is an "all request" format.

One of the last "live" radio shows on sat nite that you can actually call in to request a song.
Featuring a lot of east coast music and often have "guest" hosts.

Over the years JP has shared the hoedown duties with names such as Ed Watters, Bill MacEwen,
Dave Holland, Boomer Gallant, Paul Magee, Malcolm Reid, Rick Green, Lee Drake, and Gregg MacEwen.

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